Maddalena Triggiani creates her brand in 1995, in her 28-year career she has interacted with all forms of art such as cinema, music and television, many national and international artists have chosen to wear her unique creations.

After experiences at various prestigious fashion houses and experiments in various artistic fields in Italy and abroad, her creativity reaches a definition of recognizable style with experiments with precious and innovative refined materials.

In 2010 Maddalena Triggiani was nominated young national excellent talent at the TNT Festival conceived by the Ministry of Youth and created by the National Youth Agency which together with the Scientific Committee evaluated the fashion designer based on her experience, the results obtained, the skills and the commitment not only professional but also human so that they represent the wealth and effervescence of Italian youth.

The passion for contemporary cinema, for art and international music are the starting point of every creation, the artistic sensitivity combined with the knowledge of the design of each individual garment, of the handcrafted finishes, of the details has always been present in every collection. of the fashion designer.

Dresses with internal structures entirely handmade, hand-made pleats, inlays and embroidery on leather return as an imprint of the style that has always favored the contrasts between tradition and innovation, moulage joins the modeling that develops following the silhouette, enhancing every shape for enhance the same. Made in Italy is fundamental, the precious materials and the love for this passion that lives on in every exclusive creation.